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December Staff Picks

Look at the books our staff is recommending for December! Click over to our Instagram story to see which employee made which pick!

Becca reads almost everything she can find, but she prefers books that are character-driven, poetic, or just anything that can make her laugh. She generally pulls from the YA or fantasy aisles, but her favorites are always the ones she can re-read a thousand times.


Caroline enjoys reading all kinds of books, but is usually pulled to Young Adult fiction containing strong characters and interesting plot lines. She has recently been loving historical fiction and books where authors have used literature to speak about important issues in today’s society.


Daphne is an adventurous reader. She is mostly drawn to strong narratives and has lately developed an attraction to spoken word poetry.


Erica usually goes for fiction and especially enjoys novels that are set in a different part of the world or time period, so that she learns something interesting along with a good story. Likewise she does enjoy non-fiction from time to time, especially historical biographies. She can get her head turned by a good self-help book too.  

While Hannah enjoys any book, she almost always find fiction in her hands. Recently, she's gotten into mystery books, specifically Agatha Christie. She also enjoys the occasional biography or autobiography. Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham is a current favorite.

Our store manager, Megan is also an accomplished writer in her own right, with credits like The Washington Post, Runners World and more on her resume. Next step is getting her own book published! Megan most enjoys reading non-fiction and good, page-turning mysteries, books written by diverse/own voices and children's books.

Meghan reads everything from YA to non-fiction, especially current events. She's a big fan of Nordic noir, but likes any book that teaches her something new or allows her to experience different worlds.


Olivia's favorite types of books are realistic fiction about people around her age because she likes being able to relate to the characters. In addition, she loves books that have a lot of adventure and unexpected endings.


Nancie's favorite books have strong characters that are a bit quirky, either take place in a foreign country or involve lots of travel. She also likes a fast-paced story. The best is to be left feeling like I've learned something about human nature in different circumstances.


Paul loves all books, but tends to gravitate toward novels, including graphic novels and YA novels. You can follow Paul's current reading on Goodreads, but below are some of his current and all-time favorites.


Rachel enjoys reading stories with memorable characters. Since she read The Girl on the Train recently, she had been reading mysteries/thrillers and enjoys keeping up with the latest releases.

Rachel also enjoys reading historical fiction, memoirs, poetry. She also enjoys reading children's chapter and picture books. She's pictured here with her cat, Tuuka, whose favorite books are The Cat in the Hat and Shop Cats of New York.